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2017 SFYC C420 Race Team Information

The San Francisco Yacht Club C420 team consists of, but is not limited to, sailors from SFYC’s other youth racing programs. Ample dinghy racing experience is required to join the team. Our goal is to create a top-level, double-handed sailing team where the sailors – representing The San Francisco Yacht Club – work together in a culture of trust, commitment, continuous self-improvement, and excellence.

A competitive practice and regatta schedule will be the emphasis. Pairs will be developed to achieve productive practices and competitive regatta results. The regatta schedule may evolve according to team members’ developments, motivations, and achievements.

We expect members to be fully dedicated and committed to the Team’s practice and regatta schedule. Sailing is a sport full of tradition and the potential to make friends who will last a lifetime through respectable competition.

The C420 Race Team is a yearly commitment of $2400 that can be paid in monthly installments of $200. SFYC will provide coaching at all events on the youth calendar as appropriate. A minimum of 2 teams must attend each regatta for SFYC support. You must tell the Head Coach of your intention to attend a regatta not listed on the calendar AT LEAST 3 weeks in advance if you want the event to be considered for SFYC support. Team members must use SFYC coaching at SFYC supported events and are not to hire private coaches. The Team events and support are outlined below.

Your $200 monthly commitment covers:
Boat Storage – A spot at SFYC. The SFYC Youth Director will assign spots and boats must be stored in designated areas (no boats stored on Youth Dock).

Annual C420 Regattas:
1) On-the-water coaching at the following events, provided enough sailors attend:
• St. Francis Dinghy events (Mar/May/Oct)
• Perry Series - SoCal (Jan/Feb/Sep/Dec)
C420 Midwinters – USSCMC, FL (March)
• C420 Nationals – Venue varies (Jun)
• C420 PCCs – Venue varies (Jul)
• C420 North Americans – Venue varies (Jul)
• Bemis Qualifier – Venue varies (Jun)
2) All practices with coaching at The SFYC on the youth calendar and prior to above regattas when available and appropriate.
3) On the water support and trailer driving to local Laser events such as BAYS regattas when they do not conflict with events listed above.
* There may be a $25-$75/day coaching fee and $50/sailor trailer fee applied to non-Bay Area regattas when additional expenses are incurred.

Your $200 monthly commitment does NOT cover:
• Lodging at regattas
• $25-$75/day coaching fee for regattas outside the Bay Area depending on overall costs
• $75 fee for occasional Sunday practices for advanced group
• Boat charter fees
• $50/sailor for transportation of boats to SoCal
• Split trailer expense fee to events outside of California
• Registration fees for regattas
• Support at additional regattas not listed above or on the youth calendar
• International regattas, although practices before departure may be arranged
• Specialty coaching at specialty regattas not listed above
The San Francisco Yacht Club encourages 420 sailors to travel and race as much as possible. Expenses for major regattas not listed above need to be covered individually or through financial assistance from outside sources.

The SFYC will not trailer to events not held on the West Coast and can forfeit trailer support to any event at their discretion.

Parent Participation – Fund Raising
We expect all families to participate in our fundraising efforts. Our biggest fund raising effort each year is the Belvedere Cove Foundation Auction and Dinner hosted at The SFYC in the spring. Information will be provided as the event nears, we ask all youth families to help solicit donations for the event.

Parent Participation – Volunteer
We need ongoing help from ALL parents of the team. Here are some of the ways that parents can make a valued contribution:
• Join the Committee for our Spring Fund Raising event.
• Be a Parent Volunteer at a SFYC hosted regatta.
• Drive a C420 trailer or coach boat trailer to an away regatta.
• Help coordinate team travel accommodations.
• Help develop other methods for better inter-parental communication.

Information Sources

SFYC youth racing calendar: www.sfyc.org
Belvedere Cove Foundation: www.belvederecovefoundation.com
BAYS: www.bayarea-youthsailing.com
US Sailing: www.ussailing.org

SFYC Private Practice Policy
The San Francisco Yacht Club advocates safe and organized practice for its Junior and Race Team members. To ensure these goals, the following policy has been approved and must be followed when practicing out of SFYC. All organized youth practices must be approved by the SFYC Youth Director in advance and in writing (email is ok). This includes all practices involving a guest coach, any youth guests, groups of four or more junior members, and guest teams from visiting clubs. Allowed Exceptions:
• For kids 14 years or younger, an adult SFYC member may supervise practices of three or fewer youths, provided all the youths are junior members. Advance notice to the Youth Director is required (email is ok)
• Youth members 15 years or older may practice on their own. Advance notice to the Youth Director is required (email is ok).