Dock Layout

Our Berthing Facilities

Berthing facilities for visitors are located directly in front of the Clubhouse deck. Visitors may not enter any slip or tie up anywhere else in the harbor without first obtaining permission from either the Port Captain, the Harbor personnel, the General Manager or other designated officer. All visiting yachts must fly their burgee. Charges for the use of the Club Dock are as set forth in the Club Dock Rules, which are included below.

The Club may, from time to time, restrict guest berthing because of scheduled Club events, regattas, pre-scheduled cruise-ins and certain holidays. Visitors seeking accommodations should phone ahead to determine space availability, noting that space is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Heads are available inside the Clubhouse, and heads and showers are available in the Sailing Center in the parking lot. Potable water is available on all docks throughout the harbor

The Club has 185 in the water slips from 24 to 52 feet in length. There are 83 dry storage spaces along with room for storage of rowing shells and several dingy racks.

In most cases, dress is casual and informal. Shirts and footwear must be worn at all times when in the Clubhouse. Alcoholic beverages may not be brought onto or removed from the Club premises at any time. Ice is available on request from the bartender, and in freezer in front of the Sailing Center. The Clubhouse opens at 0800 hours Tuesday through Sunday.

Rules for the Club Dock

1. The Club Dock is in the charge of the Port Captain or his delegate from the Port Committee. In the absence of a member of the Port Committee, these rules will be administered and enforced by the General Manager or Harbormaster.

2. Members are entitled to 36 days per year complimentary usage of the Club Dock in accordance with the following rules:
  • Members may enjoy three complimentary days per month at the Club Dock, totaling 36 days per year. On the 4th day during any month and each day thereafter, a charge equal to the greater of (A) $.50 per boat foot per day; or (B) $15 per day, for the privilege of tying up at the guest dock. To allow optimum use of the dock, no boat shall stay at the Club Dock for longer than seven days consecutively. After seven days, arrangements must be made to remove the boat from the harbor or transfer it to a temporary berth. Boats left at the Club Dock on the last 3 days of the month will be extended 3 additional complimentary days in the next month and then will be assessed on the 7th day.
  • The Club burgee must be flown by all boats while at the Club Dock
  • All member boats must receive permission to remain at the Club Dock, and a vessel registration form must always be completed.
3. Nonmembers may use the Club Dock with approval of the Port Captain or General Manager provided that usage does not interfere with scheduled activities and regattas.
  • Each boat operated by a nonmember must register with the Port Captain and receive permission to tie at the Club Dock before or immediately upon arrival at the Club. Members of a yacht club planning a cruise to the Club are required to make prior written arrangements with the Port Captain for overnight use of the Club Dock.
  • Boats operated by nonmembers must fly the burgee of an accredited yacht club and the skipper of each nonmember boat must be in possession of a valid, current membership card in an accredited yacht club. Charges for use of the Club Dock by nonmembers are as follows:
    • Day Use: No charge for the first two hours; thereafter the overnight fee is charged. Overnight Use: $1.00 per linear foot per night
    • Members and nonmembers participating in Club regattas will not be charged for use of the Club Dock during a period of 48 hours before the first day of the regatta and ending 24 hours following the final race. Charges for use of the Club Dock outside of this free period will be made Club Dock electrical circuits are fused for 30 amps.
4. The hoist areas adjacent to the Club Dock must be kept clear at all times, and visitors are not permitted to tie up at a hoist pier.
  • The San Francisco Yacht Club employs a fulltime harbor crew and a night security patrol. Please understand if you are asked for your identification. This is for your protection as well as the protection of our members and their property.
5. No major repairs or maintenance on boats is permitted at the Club Dock. Vessels in distress taking refuge there should coordinate their needs with the Harbormaster as soon as possible.

6. Any boats tied at the Club Dock are subject to relocation and may be moved at the discretion of an authorized San Francisco Yacht Club representative.

7. Open fires, including barbecues, are not permitted at the Club Dock or in Harbor areas including the berths.

8. Dogs must be leashed at all times.

9. Orderly conduct on the Club premises is required at all times.

10. Once you are properly registered, please feel welcome to visit our lounge and dining room. Reservations are not always required, but are recommended, especially for large parties and cruises during the main season.

The Port Captain, a Flag Officer or the General Manager may extend the stay of a boat beyond the limitations of these rules and may adjust charges if special circumstances require.

Vessels in distress seeking refuge at the Club Dock or on long passages should make arrangements for use of the Club Dock before arrival or as soon thereafter as possible.

Boats which tie or remain at the Club Dock without permission are subject to being removed at the expense of the owner and may be impounded for dockage fees and costs of removal.