Event Details

Our Catering Manager will work with you to confirm all arrangements for your event. The details will be incorporated into a Banquet Summary, which govern the terms and conditions for your event. This document must be reviewed, signed, dated and returned to us on a timely basis before your event. All event services and details should be finalized two weeks in advance of your event. The Club is not liable for its failure to perform any signed contract if such failure is due to acts of God, labor problems, fire, flood, weather, power outages, earthquakes, terrorism, or other causes not mentioned beyond the Club’s control.

Cancellation Fee / Deposits

Our facilities are made available to our members and member sponsored guests for their private use on a first-come, first-served basis, and are subject to the Club’s House Rules and Regulations. Your event reservation (for the date, times, event space and preliminary arrangements) will only be confirmed upon our receipt of a signed Banquet Summary contract. The reservation must be cancelled with sufficient notice as specified in the contract; late cancellations will result in a cancellation fee or loss of deposit. All cancellations must be received in writing.


The Banquet Summary will outline the estimated prices for all arrangements of your event. These prices are subject to adjustment to current prices as of the date of your required cancellation notice. Thereafter, the prices are guaranteed for your event. 20% service is added to food and beverage items and 8.5% local tax is additional to food, beverage, fees and service fees.

Guarantees and Payment

Guaranteed guest counts and entrée counts must be provided no less than 7 days in advance, and will establish the minimum charge for the event, even if fewer guests attend. No physical changes of room setup or guest seating will be made within 48 hours of the event. Sponsored non-members must pay this minimum in full 48 hours before the event. An on-site guest count will be taken and you will be billed for any attending guests in excess of the guarantee. Member-sponsored event charges may be paid by third parties, but the sponsoring Member guarantees all charges and is responsible for the conduct of all guests and any liabilities they incur.

Best Interests of the Club

The Club reserves the right to cancel an event or to change an event space at any time if it is deemed to be in the best interests of the Club. The member and member sponsored guest must be in full compliance with Club policies and the member’s account current during all phases of an event. The Club name, logo and burgee may not be used for promotional purposes, and it is forbidden for guests to conduct solicitation, advertisement, exhibits, demonstrations or sales on the Club premises without the Club’s approval. Special parking and security requirements such as offsite or valet parking, at the host’s expense, may be required based on the size, nature and time of the event. The Club is not responsible for parked vehicles or stolen property or damage to personal belongings. Event activities and guests must comply with all Club rules. The SFYC does not permit smoking anywhere on the property. Cell phones and other personal devices are permitted if silenced in the Clubhouse or common areas; phone conversations are not permitted in these areas.


All food, beverage and special services must be arranged with and provided by the Club. The only exceptions to this are Champagne and wine may be brought in for a corkage charge. Specialty cakes may be brought in with prior arrangements and handling fees may be added.