The San Francisco Yacht Club was founded to encourage yachting and assist members in becoming proficient in such pursuits, to promote social activities among members, and to encourage intellectual contact, the exchange of ideas and the development of common interests with respect to yachting. We welcome applications for membership from boaters who share those interests and would like to join our active community.

Members of the Club are entitled to use our facilities, participate in a wide range of regattas and cruises, and enjoy activities and dining events at The Club.

The application process begins when a voting member of The SFYC obtains an application packet and becomes the applicant’s primary sponsor. Each application needs a primary sponsor and secondary sponsor, and at least two (but preferably four) other voting Members to serve as recommenders and provide references. A candidate’s personal and boating background are reviewed as part of the application process.

Sponsoring a Member

Voting SFYC members who’d like to sponsor a candidate for membership can pick up an application packet at the Clubhouse front desk. Individuals on the Membership Committee are happy to answer any questions you might have about the application or membership process – you can find their names in the Club Leadership section under the Members tab on this website, or email

Membership Assistance

The SFYC is aware that some well-qualified candidates may be new to the area or not know current members who can sponsor them. If you are interested in membership and don’t know a potential sponsor, we offer several options to introduce you to The Club and members, and allow us to get to know you:

  • Get involved in volunteering for Race Committee on SFYC regattas. We have a robust racing calendar, and getting out on the water to support these regattas is a great way to get involved, demonstrate interest and meet members. Click here to learn more about these opportunities to volunteer on race committee, or contact the Race Office at 415-789-5647.
  • Email inquiries to
  • Participate in a prospective-member reception. Twice a year, we host receptions for prospective members to introduce them to The Club and help us get to know more about them. Dates are being set and will be posted to this page with RSVP instructions as soon as they’re finalized.

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