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Dredge Project Updates

Weekly Update #11

October 15, 2018 

Harbor Chairman Christopher Lacey reports the Maintenance Dredging is on schedule!

The clamshell crane is currently dredging the slips on the South Side of the 100 Dock and the excavator is dredging the fairway between the 0 and 100 Docks. We hope to have the South Side 100 Dock slips completed by the end of the week, when the two pieces of equipment will switch positions so the clamshell can dredge the North Side 100 Dock slips and the excavator can dredge the fairway between the 100 and 200 Docks.

Remember the schedule is fluid, meaning we can gain or lose ground for a host of reasons and we sometimes need to change our plans on the fly, which we realize can be frustrating. We ask you to please be patient as we are in the most complicated part of the project. As such, we continue to ask all members with boats in the harbor and Staff whose operations are affected by the dredging operations be glued to our communications, especially emails from Kevin Tentis!

As of October 12, the following areas of the Harbor are complete (minor clean-up may remain after soundings):

     •  The Main Channel
     •  Slips on the North side of the 0 Dock
     •  300 Dock Slips
     •  200 Dock Slips
     •  Part of the Slips on the South side of the 100 Dock
     •  The fairway to the north of the 0 Dock
     •  The fairway to the south of the 300 Dock
     •  The fairway between the 200 and 300 Docks

During dredging operations, the Member and Guest Docks, including the end of the 100 Dock, may be filled with rafted-up boats from areas of the Harbor that are being dredged. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BRING BOATS INTO THESE AREAS AS IT CAUSES SIGNIFICANT DISRUPTION WHEN WE NEED TO MOVE BOATS.

Equipment in the Harbor

The dredging equipment will remain inside the Harbor basins over nights and on weekends. This is a change in plan that will save us over two hours every day in moving equipment in and out of the harbor. It will significantly speed up production and reduce the possibility of damage to our Harbor assets. Salt River will move the equipment as far over to one side of the basins as possible so boats on the opposite side can leave their slips.

Dredge Hours and Harbor Transit
Dredge operations will be performed during normal working hours, Mondays through Fridays from 0800 until 1700. Since there will be two barges in the Harbor through the middle of November, we ask all members be patient and expect possible delays when transiting the Harbor. If you are planning to use your boat during the hours of dredging, please contact Kevin Tentis with as much notice as possible, preferably 24 hours, so he can give you an estimated window of time when the barges will be dumping silt. These windows are between 1 and 2 hours, starting around 1100 and later in the day around 1530–1630. Remember it will not be possible to move the actively dredging barges from the Harbor to let you pass. It is simply too expensive and disruptive to this operation so please plan and communicate early. 

Channel Demarcation
The line of partially submerged yellow and orange silt curtain that runs parallel to the north side of the Main Channel may remain in place and will continue to be clearly demarcated by white buoyage, which also have white flashing lights at night. The white PVC piping that demarcate the north and south edges of the Main Channel may also remain in place.  We continue to emphasize that all members take extra care when navigating the Main Channel.

Thanks for Moving your Boat!
Kevin will continue to email members whose slips are going to be dredged, giving you the opportunity to move your boat. If your boat is not moved when needed, the Club will utilize Vessel Assist to relocate it so your slip and section of Harbor can be dredged. Further, for those members with boat lifts, when your slip is scheduled to be dredged, we will need to have your lift relocated. Please speak with Kevin about timing and location. Again we ask that any member with a boat in the Harbor, please help the Harbor Committee in the logistics of this complicated project by moving your boat out of the Harbor for as long as you can between September and November. Every boat that is out of the Harbor during this time will make it that much easier for us to dredge the fairways and slips and of course will help keep your boat from being sullied by the malodorous black silt. 

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