Guest Policies

Please note that The San Francisco Yacht Club does not accept cash. Visa and Master Card are accepted in the Ships Store, Dining Room and Bar. A modest guest fee will apply.


Upon entering the Club's premises, guests not in the company of a member must register at the Front Office, giving his or her name, address and evidence of sponsoring member. Guests must secure a guest card for each visit, and this card is valid only for the date issued. No member shall knowingly introduce, as a guest, any person who has been suspended or expelled from The Club.

Visiting Yachtsmen

Visiting yachtsmen arriving by boat, and members of accredited yacht clubs, may be allowed the privileges and facilities of The Club, at the discretion of the House Committee. Visiting yachtsmen must secure a guest card for each visit and this card is valid only for the date issued.

Reciprocal Guests

Members of recognized reciprocal Clubs are welcome upon presentation of a letter of introduction from their Club and a current membership card from that Club. Please see our list of accredited reciprocal Clubs on this web site.

Usage Of Club Docks

The Club Guest Dock is in the charge of the Port Captain or his/her delegate from the Port Committee. In the absence of a member of the Port Committee, these rules will be administered and enforced by the General Manager or Harbor Master. Nonmembers may use the Club guest dock with approval of the Port Captain provided that usage does not interfere with scheduled activities and regattas.

Each boat operated by a nonmember must register with the Port Captain and receive permission to tie up at the Club guest dock before or immediately upon arrival at The Club. Please call the Front Office @ 415 435 9133 for a the current telephone number. Members of another yacht club planning a cruise to SFYC are required to have prior written arrangements with the Port Captain for the use of the Club guest dock.

Boats operated by non-members must fly the burgee of an accredited yacht club and the skipper of each non-member boat must be in possession of a valid, current membership card of an accredited yacht club. Charges for use of the Club Dock by non-members are as follows: Day Use: No charge for the first two hours; thereafter the overnight fee is charged.

Overnight Use: $1.00 per linear foot per night

Vessels In Distress

Vessels in distress seeking refuge at the Club guest dock or on long passages should make arrangements for use of the Club dock before arrival, or as soon thereafter as possible.

Unauthorized boats which tie up or remain at the Club guest dock, without permission, are subject to being removed at the expense of the owner and to being impounded for dockage fees as well as all cost of removal.

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