International Knarr Championship
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International Knarr Championship
9/6/2019, 9/7/2019, 9/8/2019, 9/9/2019, 9/10/2019, 9/11/2019, 9/12/2019, 9/13/2019, 9/14/2019

The International Knarr Championships (IKC) will come to the Bay Area again this year, as it does every three years, and SFYC will be the host. The regatta runs September 6–14 and will have 25 Knarrs at the Guest and Member docks in front of the Club for that period. 

Please note the following events will affect normal Club operations:
• Saturday, Sept 7: Opening Ceremony and Dinner on the Deck—No member service on the Deck
• Thursday, Sept 12: Post Race Reception on the Deck—No member service on the Deck
• Saturday, Sept 14: Closing Ceremonies and Dinner—Entire clubhouse closed at 3:00pm 



NOR Attachment A
NOR Amendment 1 (Registration deadline extended)
NOR Amendment 2 (Start times changes and trophies increased)




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