Race Committee Mark Boat Training Day
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Join the Race Committee on Saturday, October 26 for our annual mark boat training class. Whether you’re new to mark set or just want or need to brush up on your skills, this is the place to do it. We’ll start with a short lecture, then it’s down to the dock to learn how to rig the gear.

After that, we’ll be on the water for the hands-on training of:

  • Bearing and distance (easy with a GPS, but we show you how to make it easy)
  • Compass and rangefinder
  • The bowline—the only knot you need to know
  • Setting an anchor
  • Streaming a mark
  • Moving a mark
  • Retrieving a mark
  • Most importantly, how to drink a beer after learning mark set techniques!

We’ll start at 0900 and will finish sometime between 1400 & 1500
Please let Roxanne know if you plan on attending at race@sfyc.org!

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