From the Commodore

Dear Members,

2020 and 2021 were years that tried our souls. From our cozy spot tucked in the lee of Belvedere Island, we watched the pandemic take the world by storm and spin crazily out of control. With new COVID cases and fatalities spiraling ever higher and health department regulations changing almost daily, it was hard to make sense of it all.

Yet, through the extraordinary efforts of our Board and Management, the Club was one of the few places in our community that remained open and safe for use by our Members. From the start of the pandemic, our Members were able to use their boats and other watercraft, the Club’s lawn, decks, and outdoor areas were heavily used (weather permitting), and our employees and staff were models of COVID safety. In a sea of chaos, we were an island of comfort. Use your Club whenever possible — the warmth you give will be the warmth you receive.

You first elected me Commodore of The San Francisco Yacht Club in 2002, and I am proud that you have again elected me Commodore in 2022. Starting with Horace B. Platt in 1869, a long and distinguished line of men, and starting in 2005 with Wendy Krill Miller, women, have served The San Francisco Yacht Club as Commodore. I will serve with dignity and strength. Blessed with the support of Vice Commodore Madeline Morey and Rear Commodore Jenni Dailey, 2022 will be a good year indeed!

Be well, stay safe

  Gary C. Sheppard